This part of animality in each of us


Primates, mutant helmets, organic architectures ... In his works, the Avignon resident Matthieu Faury takes a critical and sensitive look at the impact of humans on their environment.

Currently, Matthieu Faury is working on a scale 1 sculpture of a gorilla, in gray Tavel marble, cut from a 6-ton block. As a little boy, Matthieu went to the Beaux-Arts workshops in Le Havre. Her first memory is almost anecdotal: "For a bust molding I had seen people brush a woman's breasts, I thought to myself that it must be a hell of a job. "
So much fun that at the age of 21, he joined the prestigious school (in Versailles, then Lyon) and went on the course of the Italian sculptor Mauricio Toffoletti. "I then understood sculpture and its three fundamental principles, which I still apply today: modeling, molding and cutting. ».