1000 TWIGS

Creating with alternative materials

1000 TWIGS is an installation aiming to produce meaningful forms related to the current context marked by an awareness of the impacts of human activities on the environment.

The process consists in producing elementary shapes (cylinders, columns, circle) using alternative materials - twigs of paper, plaster, tree. The material and stylistic unity, in the use of rudimentary and accessible materials, implies a clean implementation and economical in means, in keeping with the spirit of the subject.

To begin with there are plaster logs, stuffed with colored paper twigs, which present the aesthetics and concepts developed in this installation.

Next, a multicolored column, impressive in size, is made up of compacted twigs of paper of different colors and origins. The different strata invite to a multi-phase, polysemic reading of this fragment of a building. The "ultimate masterpiece" (a phrase borrowed from a tirade by the hero of Pierre Boule's Planet of the Apes) could just as easily be a utopian and naive recycling project as a splendid admission of artistic failure.

In the foreground, a column, surmounted by a maple, attempts to establish a new continuum between nature and culture, here linked organically.

This installation was exhibited at the National School of Fine Arts in Lyon in September 2018.

Plâtre synthétique, papier
70 x 40 x 10 cm

Papier, érable
240 x 35 cm et 210 x 32 cm